Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mazda 2 Sedan

Not long after introducing an all new lightweight Mazda 2, here's the next revoluntionary change for Mazda - a hatchback derived sedan. While cars like the Honda City look horrid in their sedan incarnations, this Mazda looks really harmonious at all angles. It's quite a feat for Mazda! I'm impressed.

Mazda has yet to release any technical info on this car, although I bet technicals should stay very similar to its hatchback sibling. The zippy 1.5 engine should be sufficient for it's ride to stay fun.

The Mazda 2 Sedan is manufactured by the Ford Mazda Automobile plant in Guangzhou and Nanjing. Although, it is meant only for the Chinese market, I'm sure in no time to come, this great looking car will be sold globally together with its hatchback sibling.

The main problem is - when it is coming to Singapore?

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