Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The (Boring) Reliable Family Car: Toyota Corolla

This is the 2009 Toyota Corolla Altis meant for countries outside Japan. Well on first impression, the car looks slightly refreshing over the present Corolla, but to me, it's just the same old boring piece of metal that has served many Singaporean families for years.

This model replaces the current Altis and is expected to make its way to our shores early next year. Based on the track record of Toyota's sales in Singapore, this car is bound to be another hit. To me, the previous Altis was a terrible looking car, and to think it appeared at almost every corner of the street.

My first impression of the Corolla Altis was in Malaysia when the JDM Corolla was still roaming the streets of Singapore. That was a bad start for my impression towards the car and from then on, I've always viewed the car as a cheaper "Malaysian" version of the Corolla. And now the end of the car's lifespan is finally here.

The new Altis isn't a bad looker. But there's really just nothing to shout about it. It's safe, unadventurous styling in attempt to create a slightly sporty image (which failed) is authentically Corolla-ish. In comparison, the existing Civic, Sylphy and the brand new Lancer EX makes the latest Altis look like a plain Jane.

The USDM & S'pore Version
The interior is a complete letdown too. Unadventurous styling and 90's design of the dashboard is totally unbecoming of modern cars. What happened to the insipiration from the Camry's dashboard? Toyota can definitely do a better job.
I'll take the Civic anytime.

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