Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Cheerios! This is the brand new 2008 Kangoo. Looks wise, it's typically Kangoo-ish(which isn't such bad thing after all). Finally there's more competition for the Fiat Doblo minivan for Eurovan die-hards in Singapore.

In my honest opinion, the new Kangoo is a little letdown for Kangoo fans who would have expected a little more from the french car maker who has always produced fresh quirky ideas. However, this "play-safe" styling might work eventually when it comes to sales(quirky lookign renault cars don't sell). Equipment levels for the Singapore panel van version is not known yet, but at least the front cabin should remain identical to the picture below.

The dashboard has an upmarket feel probably inspired by the new Laguna. The handbrake feels more expensive too in this fashion. Childish looking plastics and fabric in its predecessor are removed and door handles are now chrome-coated to give a more expensive feel like the VW Caddy. The 5 seat passenger version sold in Europe will have rear fold out trays for passengers behind, although this is unlikely to make its way to the panel van version in Singapore.

Nevertheless, the new Kangoo looks refreshing to the eye and it's definitely worth a switch for passenger car drivers considering a switch to the Eurovan gang. So what are you waiting for? Go get your sofa ready!

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