Monday, April 21, 2008

Roewe 550

Hello guys. I have been absent for nearly the past 2 months and here I make a come back with a very interesting post of the month - The Roewe 550.

Roewe, although being a little tricky on the tongue, has been widely known due to the controversy about SAIC failing to buy over the "Rover" name from Ford. But Rover has never been a strong brand name, so I shouldn't see why the lack of the name will be of any disadvantage to it.

After almost a couple of years of effort, Roewe has finally rolled out it's very own production model(with minimal Rover roots). Although you might be reading alot of wonderful reviews of this car out there, my blog shall be different in that:
1. I do not side Chinese Car makers
2. Neither am I a fan of Western Car makers
3. No Design in this world is ugly to me. They are just being unique in their own right

Being a Ssangyong car owner myself, I believe I am the best person to be reviewing such hideous brands which people of indifferent light do not deserve such a job. And I shall commence my 100% impartial review of the Roewe 550 in the next post.