Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Car Web Awards

It's the end of the year and I proudly present you the Car Web Awards 2008.

International Awards

Japan Car of the Year

Contenders: Honda Fit vs Nissan GT-R
The 2008 Honda Fit impresses us with its clever design, fuel efficiency and spaceship-like design, but the power and ability of the playstation-like Nissan GT-R pips it for the award.
Winner: Nissan GT-R

Korean Car of the Year

Contenders: Chevrolet Cruze vs Kia Forte
The Chevrolet Cruze marks a promising small car segment for General Motors, but plagued with financial problems, its launch delayed. Plus we can't stand its ugly grille. The Kia Forte, outstanding in every way and a bold new design from Kia takes the top prize.
Winner: Kia Forte

European Car of the Year

Contenders: Opel Insignia vs Ford Fiesta
The Opel Insignia is such a beautiful car, looking so expensive in every way, that the clever Fiesta is unable to match.
Winner: Opel Insignia

American Car of the Year

Chevrolet Camaro vs Corvette Z06
Both are great cars, the Corvette a better performer. But the yellow camaro with black stripes looks just irresistable. Call it movie-star appeal.
Winner: Chevrolet Camaro

Chinese Car of the Year

Well we don't expect much from China, but the Roewe 550 has proven to be one of the finest made and most promising Chinese car of 2008. So we have to acknowledge its presence.
Winner: Roewe 550

Indian Car of the Year

Tata, the owner of Jaguar and Land Rover, made a small crude car and sold it for one lakh. For all the news and controversy at the factory plant, we think it deserves the award.
Winner: Tata Nano

Malaysian Car of the Year

Proton has gone backwards, and there's no better car out there in Malaysia other than the Perodua Myvi, which in actual fact a Daihatsu Sirion.
Winner: Perodua Myvi

Category Awards

Small Car Award

Honda Fit vs Fiat 500
The 2008 Fit, though clever, has ran out of ideas for its next design. The Fiat 500, though impractical, gives us an incomparable sense of nostalgia with its "oh my god you're so cute" design. So there goes our vote.
Winner: Fiat 500

Small Family Car Award

Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf
The Honda Civic is the most practical Japanese small car you can find around. Plus its futuristic interior does not exude a sense of cheap-made quality. But it is the bland bread and butter Golf that shows us money can buy you a great car with an Audi-like interior. We'll put our money there.
Winner: Volkswagen Golf

Large Family Car Award

Mazda 6 vs Honda Accord
I always liked the Honda Accord, but it was always like a piece of bread, enough to fill me but with a very bland taste. The Mazda 6 is not an all-rounder, neither is it class leading, but its special looks and character makes up for it. And the glass-house lamps of the Mazda 6 are beautiful.
Winner: Mazda 6

Small Exceutive Car Award

BMW 3 Series vs Merc C Class
This award should go to the 3 Series for driving dynamics, but the C Class just looks and feels so upmarket that we have to vote for it. And it is one of the best looking Mercs ever.
Winner: Merc C Class

Exceutive Car Award

BMW 5 Series vs Jaguar XF
The 5 series is good, but dated. A very perfect car, but it cannot match the appeal of the new Jag and its futuristic toys in the cabin. The transformers-like performace of the Jag interior amuses us, so it wins.
Winner: Jaguar XF

Large Exceutive Car Award

Maserati Quattroporte vs Merc S Class
The S Class is a very good large car that rides very well, but compared to the appeal of a Maserati, which will you choose? I'll pick the Maserati.
Winner: Maserati Quattroporte

Luxury Car Award

There aren't many contenders, and the Phantom made most of the news, so we deem it's a winner.
Winner: Rolls Royce Phantom

Sports Coupe

Nissan 370Z vs Volkswagen Scirrocco
We like the 370Z for its resemblance with the old 240Z, and the Scirrocco for its character, but the interior of the 370Z wins. Plus the Scirrocco is just a Golf GTi under its hood.
Winner: Nissan 370Z

Supercar Award

Nissan GT-R vs Ferrari California
We're not biased Europeans here, so the GT-R robot gets the vote. The Ferrari California was the next most interesting car of the year. Move aside Porsche Lambo. We're sick of you.
Winner Nissan GT-R

SUV Award

BMW X5 vs Range Rover
The Range Rover is getting old, and the BMW drives really well. We pick the BMW for its looks and if we wanted an SUV just to show off. The Range Rover is impractical.
Winner: BMW X5

MPV Award

Honda Odyssey vs Ford S-Max
The do-it-all Odyssey rides low and feels like a car. But the S Max drives like a car. And the Odyssey is too common on Singapore roads. So we pick the S Max.
Winner: Ford S-Max

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