Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jaguar XF Uncovered

A potential E-class/5 Series/A6 competitor, this Jag XF serves as an upgrade from the horrendous S type that didn't form a good impression back then. This Jag looks so good that it makes the older S type look like a century old vehicle.

In order to create a new fusion of Jag style and modernistic atheletic designs, this Jag does not share any of it's older siblings family identity (Even the S-type was inspired by the E-type). This could spell a new future for Jaguar designs that we could jolly well be expecting. The present X-type which had minimal design changes faced poor sales, so this new Jag could possibly do a reversal for Jaguar. However, while it is doing so in its new fusion of design, the Jag looks oddly familiar at the C pillar from rear view. Looks really Licoln-nish or the Lexus IS from the rear. But well, this is no coincidence I would say. Don't you find Lexus and Mercs starting to look alike?

Nevertheless, this is the future shape of Jag. Looks promising, although I'm not sure what future Tata will create for it supposing the deal goes through.

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